On the 6th of December, the European Commission unveiled the next calls for proposals under the Research Infrastructures package, outlining the primary areas of intervention to support the growth of an integrated, interoperable, and productive ecosystem of Research and Technology Infrastructures in Europe.

The goal of Research Infrastructures, part of Horizon Europe Pillar One, is to empower Europe through an integrated ecosystem of open accessible national and pan-European key facilities that provide services for the research community.

In particular, during the Info Day dedicated to the 2023-2024 Work Programme, the Commission launched a call under the destination INFRASERV to enable R&I services addressing the complexity and urgency of the socio-economic and environmental crisis we are currently facing.

Among the urgent problems highlighted in the call, nanotechnology and semi-conductors stand out as two of the main issues to be addressed, thanks to a total suggested budget of about 105 million € in 2023.

As a matter of fact, the Commission will fund initiatives that offer R&I services for cutting-edge nanoscience and nanotechnology applications to boost European scientific and industrial competitiveness, cross-fertilization, and knowledge transfer.

To support the competitiveness and independence of the European semiconductor industry as well as the new European Chips Act, the call will also look for R&I services that will strengthen the EU's capacity for semiconductor development.

This news is of paramount importance for SiC Nano for PicoGeo project. As a matter of fact, the increased interest in initiatives aimed at the semiconductor field is promising transfer of knowledge and technologies between academic-research institutions and the industry sector, thus developing a market within which the project's results may find a place.

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