Silicon carbide is the emerging semiconductor for power devices, but beyond its very good electronic properties, this material has very interesting mechanical and optical characteristics that can be used for MEMS and optical devices.

SiC Nano for Picogeo and SiComb are two research projects funded by the H2020 programme FET – Open. As both projects deal with SiC material, we are delighted to organise their first Joint webinar SIC applications outside Power electronic devices” which will take place on the 14th of December at 14h30, join us for this exciting FREE event! 


Overall, we’ll explore the new challenging applications of this amazing material. Several of the interactions between the crystalline quality of the hetero-epitaxial 3C-SiC grown on silicon and the mechanical and optical properties, studied within projects, will be explained in detail. 

The first part will focus on SiC Nano for Picogeo which will be presented by Project coordinator Dr Francesco la Via from CNR-IMM. Following his introduction, Dr Marcin Zielinski, a researcher from project partner Novasic, will present 3C-SiC layers – the tuning of material stress and Young modulus. 

The second part of the seminar will focus on SiCOMB Project which will be presented by Coordinator Professor Haiyan Ou from DTU Fotonik. Following her presentation,  Professor Peter Wellman, from project partner University FAU will present the unique optical properties of SiC unlocked by leveraging the advances of nanofabrication and high-quality material. 

An opportunity not to miss as this is a great occasion to discover the various applications of SiC material outside power electronics and interact with Experts in the field who will share their latest findings!