The Chips Act workshop on pilot lines will take place July 4th online!

We would like to inform our partners and stakeholders about the Chips Act workshop on pilot lines that will take place on 4 July 2023.

The implementation of the Chips for Europe Initiative, as envisioned in Pillar 1 of the law, is currently being prepared following the political agreement on the European Chips Act between the European Parliament and the Council of April 18, 2023, and the launch of the Semiconductor Alert System to monitor the semiconductor supply chain. The program consists of a variety of pilot lines for small-scale production, process development, testing, and experimentation.

The workshop on 4 July 2023 will discuss potential topics for pilot lines beyond and complementary to the following three pilot line areas of strategic importance for Europe:

  • Sub-2nm GAA process technology development
  • FD-SOI technology at 10nm and below
  • Heterogeneous integration

The agenda of the workshop includes three sessions dedicated to:

  • Photonics
  • Power electronics & 6G
  • Heterogenous Integration, MeMS, Sensors, Other

Among the various subjects covered in relation to semiconductors, the upcoming workshop will address key topics, such as ‘Next generation power’ using GaN, SiC, piezoMEMS, Si radiation imaging detectors, High precision piezoresistive sensors and 200 mm wafer pilot line for SiC power devices, and the Pilot Line for the development and validation of Si-based photonic MEMS technologies.

We invite you to check the website for further information and to not miss such notable events!