The EU Innovation Radar has analysed the innovations developed by SiC Nano for PicoGeo

SiC Nano for Picogeo offers an outstanding contribution in forecasting volcanic eruptions, thanks to its employment of ultra-high-resolution borehole strainmeter for geophysical applications, which give the possibility to make precise detections.

The EU Innovation Radar is a European Commission initiative designed to identify the high potential innovations and innovators in EU funded research and innovation projects. The most innovative European projects selected are then made accessible to the public via the Innovation Radar platform. The platform aims to encourage the cooperation between incubators, entrepreneurs, funding agencies and investors to accelerate the introduction of EU-funded innovations into the European market. Independent experts review the EU's ongoing projects to make available data and information on the Innovation Radar platform. Experts also provide an evaluation of the innovations developed in the projects and their market potential.

The EU Innovation Radar is supported by to facilitate assistance to the innovators. Two indicators determine the project selection. The first one is the Innovation Potential Indicator which consists of three sub-indicators:

  • Innovation readiness
  • Innovation management
  • Market potential

The second one is the Innovation Capacity Indicator which takes into consideration:

  • Innovators' ability
  • Innovators' environment

According to these indicators, there are four maturity levels of innovations:

  • Market ready: innovations ready to be introduced into the market
  • Tech ready: innovations that are progressing towards novel technologies
  • Business ready: innovations having already developed market-oriented ideas
  • Exploring: innovations that explore value innovation opportunities

SiC Nano PicoGeo contributions to scientific innovation

Our project has been proudly included on the EU Innovation Radar platform, thanks to its ultra-high resolution borehole strainmeter for geophysical applications, which has been considered highly innovative. The project has been classified as "top-funded" in Future and Emerging Technologies by Horizon 2020. EU Innovation Radar describes SiC Nano for the PicoGeo as "highly innovative" and with a "radical vision" because of its capacity to use high-resolution technologies for Geoscience and Geohazard monitoring. This instrument will give the ability to detect ultrasmall and slow strain transients preceding earthquakes and eruptions, with a precision impossible with the current tools. Moreover, this innovative technology will represent a significant step forward in volcano-seismic crisis management.

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